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Portal site for tourist information on Kitasoya, Hokkaido

Hokkaido chanchanyaki made with salmon is a Hokkaido specialty, but fresh Okhotsk atka mackerel landed at Kafuka Fishing Port is used to make the dish on Rebun Island.

One of the numerous stories behind the name chanchanyaki involves the explanation that it can be made chatchatto (quickly).Another proposes that the name stems from the role of chan (father) in its production. On Rebun Island, it is known as a seafarer’s favorite.

Okhotsk atka mackerel fishing is very popular in local Hokkaido waters. In particular, the Rishiri and Rebun islands are known for large catches of this tasty fish. This is partially attributable to the rich fattiness that results from its growth in the abundantly nutritious Sea of Japan. Okhotsk atka mackerel fishing peaks in summer, and exhibits a further spike in autumn before the spawning season.

This dish is made using abundant special miso and leek with Okhotsk atka mackerel grilled over a charcoal fire. For optimal enjoyment, carefully flake the meat on the skin and mix in some miso. Fatty Okhotsk atka mackerel from Rebun is known for its soft and flaky texture.

The fresh savory taste of crispy char-grilled Rebun Okhotsk atka mackerel makes it an ideal complement to sake. Its high quality and superior taste set it far apart from standard household varieties.

Kafuka Port is home to numerous Japanese pubs and eateries serving Okhotsk atka mackerel chanchanyaki.

Enjoy the local early-evening pink sunset with the scent of burning charcoal, tasty Okhotsk atka mackerel and a nice glass of sake.