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Portal site for tourist information on Kitasoya, Hokkaido

Wild NatureRebun Island

The northernmost paradise, where the sky,
greenery and sea are beautiful

Places of scenic beauty: rock formations and beautiful flowers beside grassland plains.
The contrast between the sky, greenery and sea is a lifetime treasure.

Cape Gorota

This is a bluff on the western coast that stands 176 m above sea level. Visitors can walk to the top of the cape in about 20 minutes from the parking area at the start of the climbing trail. 登山道の駐車場から The panoramic view from this northernmost island is breathtaking!

  • Cape Skoton

    The northernmost point on Rebun, with views of Todo Island and, if the weather is fine, Sakhalin in the distance.

  • Cape Sukai

    This cape’s name is derived from the words meaning clear, beautiful sea. The cobalt blue looks just like a jewel.

  • Cape Kanedano

    Cape Kanedano is a common spot for sighting seals, so if you are lucky, you may encounter cute wild seals.

Momo-iwa (peach rock) trekking[Momo-iwa Observatory Course]

A course approximately 6 km long (3 hours) stretching from the Momo-iwa trailhead to Shiretoko. On clear days, views of Rishirifuji can be enjoyed beyond the rock formations and sheer cliffs.

  • Rebun Island Ribbon Project

    We look forward to your support in order to protect the nature of Rebun Island.

    Ribbons (badges)available for¥1,000 each

    Available where colonies of Rubun atsumori grow, at the Rebun Town Alpine Garden and at Tourist Information Centers

Travel by regular-route busRebun model course


Momo-iwa Observatory Trekking Course


Cape Course