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Portal site for tourist information on Kitasoya, Hokkaido

Local specialtiesRebun Island

Available grilled, Chan Chan Yaki style or deep fried.
Rebun’s Atka mackerel is the best!

Some of the food introduced here may not be available
depending on the season or weather conditions.

Hiraki hokke
(Atka mackerel split open from the back and grilled)

Atka mackerel sliced open and grilled over charcoal. Plump and juicy.

Isokko ramen
(seafood ramen noodles)

A luxurious bowl of ramen containing seasonal ingredients such as shrimp, scallop, sea urchin, crab, whelk and the like

Atka mackerel

Deep fried Atka mackerel – a Rebun specialty. Crispy on the outside, plump and juicy on the inside.

Hokke Chan Chan Yaki
(miso-grilled Atka mackerel)

Atka mackerel topped with special miso & green onion then grilled. The taste of Rishiri home cooking.

Original hokke kabayaki don
(a bowl of grilled Atka mackerel dipped in a sweet soy sauce based sauce)

A bowl of rice topped with deep-fried Rebun Atka mackerel grilled in a sweet sauce. The thin slices of kelp laid beneath the Atka mackerel complement the taste.

Sea urchin bowl

A bowl of rice topped with fresh Rebun sea urchin. Enjoy the rich sweetness and melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Nuka hokke
(Atka mackerel pickled in salted rice-bran paste)

Fresh, raw Atka mackerel pickled in fermented rice bran. Ideal as a snack to accompany alcohol.

Grilled octopus

Tender octopus exquisitely salted and grilled.

Sea urchin sashimi

Raw sea urchin with exquisite natural seasoning.



Tachipon is made by slightly boiling fresh tachi and adding some ponzu sauce. Savor this creamy tachi seasoned with a refreshing sauce.


Tachi kamaboko (soft roe paste)! The springy texture is addictive!

The taste of winter
on Rebun Island –
soft roe of Pacific cod

This soft roe is called
tachi in Hokkaido.

Tsubu(whelk) sashimi

Firm and sweet tsubu has a flavor that will remind you of the ocean and delight your taste buds.

Konbu soft
(soft serve ice cream made with kelp)

Soft-serve ice cream containing kelp, with a subtle hint of kelp flavor.

Salt ramen

Chidori’s specialty! This ramen made with a mild kelp stock is also popular with locals.

Yakiniku (grilled meat) set meal

This hearty set meal features thick pork grilled with a sweet and spicy sauce.

Local favorites!
Local specialties make perfect souvenirs.

Take seasonal local specialties home with you!

Tororo konbu
(thinly shaved dried kelp)

Delicious for wrapping around rice balls or adding to soup.

Nuka hokke
(Atka mackerel pickled in salted rice-bran paste)

Rebun Atka mackerel pickled in fermented rice bran and salt before being dried and smoked.

Sea urchin salted overnight

Freshly harvested sea urchin placed in jars the same day, and lightly salted.

Smoked Atka mackerel

The more you chew the tastier it gets. An ideal snack when drinking alcohol.

Natural iwanori (seaweed)

Aromatic hand-processed seaweed, ideal for rice balls and sushi rolls

Shima Wakame seaweed

Natural, rich salty seaweed harvested around Rebun Island. Ideal for miso soup and salads.