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Portal site for tourist information on Kitasoya, Hokkaido

Wild NatureRishiri Island

Birdsongs resonate
around the magnificent mountain

In the Ainu language,rishiri means high island.
A divine power can be sensed from the island,
at the center of which towers Rishirifuji.

Yuhigaoka Sunset Observatory

An observatory located 56 m above sea level. Don’t miss the impressive scene of the sun setting at dusk on Rebun Island as it colors the sky and envelops Rishirifuji in orange and pink.

  • Cape Peshi

    A 93-m-high cape that protrudes into Oshidomari Port. The summit commands views of Rishirifuji, Rebun Island and, in the distance, the Hokkaido mainland.

  • Cape Kutsugata Park

    Known for its views of Rebun Island and Rishirifuji, this park also includes a campsite, complete with cooking area and toilets

  • Mikaeridai Picnic Site Observatory

    Located at the 5th stage of the Kutsugata Rishiri-climbing course in Rishiri Town (at a height of approx. 450 m), Rebun Island and the summit of Rishirifuji can be seen from here.

  • Senhoshi Misaki Park

    A coastline at the southernmost point of Rishiri Island, where many rock formations can be seen. Also, there are natural rock pools for observing sea urchins and kelp.

  • Himenuma Pond

    A small pond located at a height of 125 m in the northeastern part of Rishiri. On fine days, Rishirifuji can be seen reflected upside-down on the surface of the water.

  • Minamihama Marshland

    A small 6-hectare marshland that was created approx. 4,500 years ago. A treasure trove of plants and flowers, the marsh is regarded as a scientifically important place.

  • Shiroi Koibito Hill

    The new name of the Numaura Observatory, which was used as the model for the packaging of the famous Hokkaido confectionery, Shiroi Koibito. People who propose here are presented with a “proposal certificate.”

  • Otatomari Pond

    Surrounded by a virgin forest of Hokkaido red pines, this is the largest body of water on Rishiri Island. The footpath around the 1.5-km circumference of the pond enables visitors to walk in the forest and experience nature while observing the vegetation and wild birds.

Travel by regular-route busRishiri model course


Rishiri Island Clockwise Course


Rishiri Island Counter-clockwise Course

Rishiri’s spring water for life

It is said that the spring water on Rishiri Island takes a long time to well up after rainwater on Mt. Rishiri and snow meltwater filter through volcanic ash.

  • Reihoyusui(natural spring water)

    Water springs from a rock under a pavilion next to a parking lot by the side of Route 108, approx. 6 km south of Kutsugata in Rishiri Town.

  • Kanrosensui (natural spring water)

    Selected as one of Japan’s “top 100 waters,” this spring water has a reputation for being “sweet.” The spring is located on Mt. Rishiri at a height of 290 m.

  • Choju no izumi (natural spring water)

    A spring located in the grounds of Ryokan Yukiguni, approx. 1 km along Route 108 in the direction of Himenuma Pond.

When creating the maps, the approval of the Director General of the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan was attained and a 25,000:1 topographic map issued by the same Authority was used. (Approval No. 2014–202-GISMAP34757)