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Portal site for tourist information on Kitasoya, Hokkaido

Local specialtiesRishiri Island

Try Rishiri’s specialties.
Delicious served raw, grilled or steamed!

Some of the food introduced here may not be available
depending on the season or weather conditions.

Uni-meshi don
(Sea urchin bowl)

A bowl of rice topped with lashings of salmon roe and streamed sea urchin.

Yariika okizuke
(soy sauce marinated spear squid)

The texture of the squid and slightly spicy taste make it an ideal snack when drinking alcohol.

Hoya shiokara
(sea squirt salted and fermented in its own guts)

Salted, fermented sea squirt without the fishy smell.

(flavored sculpin roe)

A delicacy made from flavored sculpin roe

Uni gunkan
(sea urchin sushi)

A sushi roll packed with Rishiri sea urchin.


Yaki-shoyu ramen
(fragrant soy sauce flavored ramen noodles)

Original Rishiri Island ramen with the delicious taste of stock made with Rishiri Kelp and aromatic soy sauce.

Hiraki nishin
(herring split open from the back and grilled)

Juicy, plump herring. You simply have to try it!

Grilled scallop and sea urchin

Scallops, sea urchin and vegetables arranged on a shell and grilled over charcoal.

Waka-san no Mise

Softroe kamaboko
(fish paste)

Kamaboko with soft smooth roe

Bean bread

Freshly baked bean-bread, reasonably priced and popular among hikers

Deep-fried Atka mackerel hot dog

A satisfyingly large hot-dog made with deep-fried spring Atka mackerel sandwiched between fresh bread

Kamui Seaside Park

Octopus tempura udon noodles

Tempura of fine local octopus with delicious Rishiri kelp soup

Sakuraba Shokudo

Salted sea urchin cream pasta

Sea urchin cream sauce pasta topped with sculpin roe, sea urchin and island laver (only 5 servings per day)

Salt ramen

This mild-flavored salt ramen featuring Rishiri kelp stock attracts a lot of local repeat customers.


Hairy crab

On Rishiri Island, the hairy crab season runs from December to January. It doesn’t get much better than a hairy crab packed with meat!

Okhotsk atka mackerel

Fresh Okhotsk atka mackerel is grilled with a special miso sauce, onion and cabbage.

(lactic acid bacteria beverage)

A fermented lactic drink that has been popular since 1965. Six different flavors available.


Udon noodles served in a clay pot
(available in winter only)

This restaurant is so popular that there is always a long line of islanders. The dish is characterized by extremely thick homemade noodles that don’t get too soft and a generous helping of octopus tempura.

Aisu Rishirizan
(ice cream made with salt extracted from dried sea urchin and kelp)

Sticky ice cream that contains dried sea urchin and Rishiri kelp. Eat with a spoon made from kelp root.

Blue honeysuckle berry soft serve ice cream

Ice cream topped with haskap (blue honeysuckle) berry sauce, with a milky yet light taste.

Rishiri pudding

A creamy pudding with exquisite caramel sauce, made by a long-established confectioner

Local favorites!
Local specialties make perfect souvenirs.

A full line-up of original souvenirs!

Rishiri konbu (kelp) ramen

Noodles made from flour mixed with Rishiri kelp, with a delicious salt-flavored soup

Tororo konbu
(thinly shaved dried kelp)

Tororo kombu (shredded kelp) made from the highest-quality Rishiri kelp

Shredded kelp soup

Shredded kelp soup – just add hot water

Silicon-rich mineral

Kanrosensui mineral water available in plastic bottles

Iso no ki konbu
Rishirikko kelp jelly

Popular delicacies and seasonings made using Rishiri kelp

Risen no Odashi
(kelp broth powder)

Stock made from a blend of specially selected domestic ingredients, including kelp from Rishiri Island

Kamaboko (fish cake)
made with milt

A delicacy made from Alaska pollock milt. Enjoy with butter and soy sauce.

Paritto Konbu and Uni Chinmi
(kelp and sea urchin delicacy)

Completely additive-free dried sea urchin. The finest quality dried sea urchin in which the goodness is concentrated, as well as crispy kelp that's addictive.


Seaweed that’s also known as “Buddha’s ear,” with a tender yet chewy texture.

Rishiri konbu soba
(buckwheat noodles made with kelp)

Perfectly textured soba noodles made from buckwheat flour mixed with kelp from Rishiri Island.

Uni ichiyazuke
(salted sea urchin)

Raw sea urchin freshly gathered from around Rishiri, pickled overnight in sweet salt. Enjoy the characteristic richness and sweetness.

Kelp salt

Salt made over time from kelp minerals and flavors.

Kelp and currant jam

Jam made from a mix of Rishiri kelp and currents rich in healthy pigment.