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Portal site for tourist information on Kitasoya, Hokkaido

Wild Nature ~Winter~Rishiri Island

Silvery white mountains on Rishiri Island
Explore a trackless path

Forests surrounding Mt. Rishiri
Exciting winter adventures

Snowshoeing on Mt. Pon

Mt. Pon has an altitude of 444 m, which is approximately one-fourth the height of Mt. Rishiri. You can easily try snowshoeing here. Stroll along a trackless path surrounded by primeval forests while delighting in the powder snow of Rishiri Island and trees covered with silver frost. At the summit you’ll be met with superb views!


Mt. Rishiri is one of the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains, and surrounded 360 degrees by the sea. Skiers in Japan and elsewhere praise this place as the perfect location for dynamic backcountry skiing toward the sea.