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Climb Mt. Rishiri

Mt. Rishiri is at the top of list of famous mountains in Japan. Its location surrounded by ocean on every side, and the beautiful alpine vegetation unique to Rishiri, attracts visitors from all over the world. Take time to hike the mountain, view the flowers and take photos. Take the course a little slower than what it would take, so that you can climb safely, and fully enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Walking at a slow pace is also a kindness toward the mountain.
■Recommended Season June~October(during open season)
■Time frame Start early morning between 4:00~6:00、and descend by sundown
■Distance Beginner ~ intermediate level Oshidomari course difference in elevation approx.1,500km、
12.4km to and back、approx. 12 hours
■Recommended period of stay 3 days
■Remarks We suggest you select the guided plan, if you are climbing this mountain for the first time.
There are no toilets on the mountain, so it is necessary to purchase a portable toilet, and make plenty of preparations in advance.
It is wise to spend the night before on Rishiri Island, and create a flexible itinerary that will provide for poor weather.
■Contact Rishirifuji Tourism Association TEL 0163-82-2201
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