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Hiking Soya Hills

Rolling hills were formed during the periglaciation after the ice age, over ten thousand years ago, and are said to resemble the hills found in Ireland. The long course starts at the northernmost point, and takes hikers through pastures where cattle graze freely, and provide views of alpine flowers along the path. As you begin the second leg of the trail (the starting point for the short course), you can enjoy the periglacial landscapes, and colony of 57 large turbines that line the hills. The diverse course also offers spectacular views of the Sakhalin Island, and Mt. Rishiri on the descent.
■Recommended Season May~November
■Time frame There are no lights, so it is best to visit between sunrise and sundown (6:00 AM - about 6:00 PM)
■Distance Short course approx. 5km、approx. 2 hours
Long course approx. 11km、approx. 4 hours
■Recommended period of stay 2 days
■Remarks Takes about 40 min by bus from JR Wakkanai Station to the entrance of the Soya Hills footpath. There is no guide for the footpath, so be sure to stay overnight in Wakkanai the night before, get a course guide MAP, and check for cautionary items before setting out on the path.
■Contact Wakkanai Sightseeing Association TEL 0162-24-1216
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