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Hiking up Mt. Pon

Pon is Ainu for "small."
The course for Mt. Pon, elevation 444 meters, starts at the 210 meter point, so it is easy enough for first time climbers!
Mt. Pon allows you to enjoy three of the "best 100's in Japan:" wet your whistle with Kanro spring water, one of the best 100 springs in Japan, walk and bask in the beautiful forests that were selected as one of the best 100 forests, and take in the view of Mt. Rishiri, one of the 100 most famous mountains in Japan.
The Kanro spring water, selected as one of the 100 famous springs in Japan, is known to be "sweet," and benefits as far as beauty is concerned.
■Recommended Season Mid May~Early October
■Time frame Start early morning between 4:00~6:00、and descend by sundown
■Distance For beginners elevation 444m、walking distance approx. 4km、maximum difference in elevation 220m
travel time:approx. 2.5hours
*A course you can climb in about 30 minutes if you hurry.
■Recommended period of stay 2 days
■Remarks Clothing fit for light climbing is best (backpack, trekking shoes, rain gear(top and bottom), and hats)
Don't forget to take an empty plastic bottle or flask to collect "Kanro spring water."
■Contact Rishiri-cho Tourist Association & Rishirifuji-cho Tourist Association TEL 0163-82-2201
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