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Hiking up to Momoiwa Lookout Point

The 5.5 kilometer trail leads from Momoiwa trailhead to Shiretoko, and takes about 3 hours. The light blue skies and cobalt blue seas that spread before your eyes, make you feel as though you could keep walking forever! On a clear day, the breathtaking sight of Mt. Rishiri comes into view from beyond the rugged rocks!
■Recommended Season May - October
■Time frame During the day
■Distance Trail leads from Momoiwa trailhead to Shiretoko 5.5km、3 hour travel course
■Recommended period of stay 2 days
■Remarks Be sure to exercise caution, as the area is prone to strong winds and thick fog.
■Contact Rebun island Tourist Association TEL 0163-86-1001
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