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Portal site for tourist information on Kitasoya, Hokkaido

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Momodai Nekodai

Once upon a time, the Ainu battled on this land, leaving behind the Momoiwa Legend.
From here you can see "nekoiwa rock" and "Jizo rock" in the distance.
Nekoiwa is a rounded rock that appears to be floating along the coast, and has two protrusions that appear as ears, so the rock looks like a cute cat all curled up in a ball.
Momoiwa rock is a large round rock 249.6 meters high, and looks like an overgrown peach. It is said that the rocks were formed from molten magma that cooled and protruded from the ocean, back when Rebun Island was still underwater.
■Recommended Season May~November
■Time frame During the day
■Recommended period of stay 1 day
■Contact Rebun island Tourist Association TEL 0163-86-1001
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