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Wakkanai Park

Wakkanai Park is located on a hill overlooking Wakkanai Port and the city. In Wakkanai, where the latitude is the highest in Japan, *white nights can be enjoyed into mid August.
The view from this great location, during the magic hour, is sublime!
The Centennial Tower is located in the upper part of the park, and from the observation room 70 meters above ground, a commanding view of Rishiri, Rebun, Sakhalin, and the Sarobetsu Plains can be seen.
Besides the Centennial Tower, the Hyosetsu-no-Mon Monument and the Monument honoring the Karafuto Dogs in the Antarctic Expedition which became famous in the movie, are all located in this area.
*The sky becomes light around 3:00 AM, and stay light until after 8:00 PM.
■Recommended period of stay 1 day
■Remarks Equipped with gift shop and restroom; perfect for taking a break.
■Contact Wakkanai Sightseeing Association TEL 0162-24-1216
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