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Portal site for tourist information on Kitasoya, Hokkaido

Wild NatureWakkanai

Look for the“northernmost”
things that are everywhere in the town

A world that spreads across borders
from northernmost Japan.

Soya hills

The magnificent rolling hills of the region. Formed during the Ice Age, these periglacial landforms are a designated Hokkaido Heritage. Walk along the trails in the hills dotted with 57 wind turbines and grazing cattle, while enjoying the plants and flowers, and the songs of the birds.

  • Cape Noshappu

    On fine days, the outline of Sakhalin Island can be seen, as well as the splendid views of the evening sun setting on the horizon.

  • North Breakwater Dome

    This 427-m-long semi-arched breakwater, reminiscent of ancient Roman-style architecture, was designated as a Hokkaido Heritage in 2001.

  • Cape Soya

    The northernmost part of Japan. If you stand here facing north there is sea to the left, right and straight ahead, and the island of Sakhalin can be seen.

  • Wakkanai Park

    The Centennial Memorial Tower is located in the upper part of the park, and the 70-m-high observatory commands views of Reshiri, Rebun, Sakhalin and the Sarobetsu Plain.

  • Wakkanai Fukuko Market

    Established in Daiichi Fukuko, this complex includes souvenir shops, a natural hot-spring bath and various eateries.

Travel by regular-route busWakkanai model course


A course to enjoy the nature and hot springs
from Kitakara to the West Coast


A course to enjoy the hot springs
and the West Coast through
the windows of the bus