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Portal site for tourist information on Kitasoya, Hokkaido

Local specialtiesWakkanai

Shrimp, octopus, scallops,sea urchin and more The northernmost gourmet food in Wakkanai is rich and superb.

Some of the food introduced here may not be available
depending on the season or weather conditions.

Kaisen Noshappu Misaki bowl(seafood bowl)

This satisfying bowl of rice luxuriously topped with fresh seafood is well worth eating.

Tako shabu
(thinly sliced octopus eaten after being boiled quickly in a pot)

Dip thin slices of giant octopus in boiling water to eat – a famous Wakkanai dish.

(stir-fried noodles topped with thick sauce)

Chinese noodles topped with lashings of ingredients in a thick sauce. Wakkanai’s soul food.

Sea urchin ramen

Prime ramen with lots of fresh sea urchin

Soya black beef

Tender, sweet steaks of beef from Japanese Black cattle raised in the Soya hills

Scallop sashimi

Fresh raw scallops with a characteristically firm texture


(Podothecus sachi)

A winter treat! It is mild in flavor yet fatty and sweet, making it incredibly delicious!

Wakkanai milk

Low-temperature-pasteurized non-homogenized milk using only the fresh milk of cows raised in Wakkanai

Scallop sashimi

Fresh raw scallops with a characteristically firm texture

Kumazasa soft(soft serve ice cream made with bamboo grass [Sasa veitchii])

Soft-serve ice cream made with Wakkanai bamboo grass, with a characteristic hint of bitterness.

Wakkanai milk soft serve ice cream

Delicious Wakkanai milk soft-serve ice cream with a rich taste and smooth texture


Red king crab

Sweet and juicy red king crabs are delicious when served raw as sashimi, boiled or grilled. Eat them any way you like!


Japanese f luvial sculpin hot pot dish

It is said that this hot pot dish is so delicious that people fight over it and end up breaking the dish. The rich-flavored soup is addictive!

Local favorites!
Local specialties make perfect souvenirs.

Everything from side dishes served with drinks to sweets is delectable!

(potato crema catalana)

A bittersweet dessert made from the rare Yuchi Potato

Soya no shio(salt)

Different varieties of dried foods in cute local mascot character packages

Soya no shio

Natural salt containing abundant minerals such as magnesium and potassium

Oonago Rishiri konbu jime
(sand lances processed by placing them between sheets of Rishiri kelp)

Sand lance landed in Wakkanai, vinegared with top-quality Rishiri kelp

Dried Okhotsk
atka mackerel sticks

Okhotsk atka mackerel from Wakkanai waters in stick form with delicious crispy skin

Wakkanai milk ice cream

Additive-free ice cream in which the sweetness of the milk itself can be confirmed

(custard cream confectionary)

Lashings of custard and fresh cream in a chewy pastry

(dried cod)

Recommended, especially when dipped in mayonnaise mixed with cayenne pepper powder and soy sauce

Ryuhyo manju(cake coated with white chocolate)

Soft sponge cake coated with white chocolate