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Portal site for tourist information on Kitasoya, Hokkaido

Wild Nature ~Winter~Wakkanai

The signature sights of winter in the northernmost part of Japan
Impressive scenery found in the extreme cold

Countless blocks of drift ice from the Soya Strait and incoming Steller’s sea eagles
Stunning vistas in the northernmost area that are beyond your imagination

Cape Soya

In February, you might even get to see drift ice from the Sea of Okhotsk at Cape Soya on the northernmost tip. On clear days, you will feel close to the faraway mountains in Sakhalin.

Steller's sea eagle

Enjoy watching Steller’s sea eagles from autumn to winter, when salmon swim upstream in the rivers of Wakkanai. A large Steller’s sea eagle has a wingspan of approximately 250 cm. It is truly impressive to see this imposing figure soaring through the sky! 

〈Features〉 Entire body: dark brown; front part of wings, tail feather and plumage of legs: white; beak and legs: yellow

Experiential Activities in Wakkanai

Fureai Park

Enjoy winter in the northernmost area at an experiential-based snow land open only in February!

Sightseeing snowcat(fee-based activity)

Hop on the big red snowcat and enjoy a ride across the vast expanses of Lake Onuma and the snowfield!